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Cylinder Head Cylinder Head

Special type for better performance and better cooling. Sand casting type.

Piston assy Piston assy

Special piston developed by YRRD.

CDI unit CDI unit

Providing optimum ignition characteristics for best engine performance.

Rotor assy Rotor assy

Additional magneto rotor, with higher inertia than with the standard YZ125.

Exhaust pipe Exhaust pipe

Special pipe specifically made for YRRD kit engine.

Reed valve Reed valve

Carbon fiber for better response and durability. Biaxial type.

Silencer Silencer

Special silencer made of Titanium for long durability and light weight.

Carburetor setting parts Carburetor setting parts

Kit includes all parts for optimum setting of standard Mikuni YZ125 carburetor.

Kit manual Kit manual

Instructions for correct installment of the YRRD kit.


Cylinder + YPVS

A modified production cylinder, based upon YZ125 2014 model, for substantial overall engine performance increase.